Indierpgs reviews Dubloon

I saw this a couple days ago and figured I’d link to it.

I do have quibbles to make with the writer, one Craig Stern, in regards to the feel of the game. While Stern eventually comes to the conclusion that Dubloon is a solid, if not outstandingly magnificent  game, he spends a good 1/3 of the review taking issue with the fact that Dubloon doesn’t 100% tread the waters that a pirate RPG supposedly should i.e. not enough searching for buried treasure, too much fighting random hedgehogs instead of being a pirate, too little walking the plank. Two things: 1. The main plot is all contrived around acquiring a massive golden treasure chest so I believe treasure is taken care of. 2. I am under the opinion that Dubloon is more about feeling like a pirate than being a pirate. Pirates, in game, are portrayed as folk lore heroes on the level of Robin hood. They are not the scurvy filled, murdering wretches found elsewhere. Therefore typical pirate actions don’t fit within the game world. I don’t think Dubloon should be punished for adhering to its atmosphere as a fun loving, verging on family friendly game.

(Just as a note, I don’t disapprove of the linked review at all. In fact, I think it’s better than my own, as of course, it was written by someone with experience, comprehensively, and not at 2 in the morning. I just dislike the idea of posting something without having something to contribute.)


~ by prolixpostoffice on July 18, 2010.

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