5 Word Synopsis:

Depressing Mario Post-Apocalyptic Platformer

Where to get:

The Things That I Say:

This game is fairly difficult, and in terms of game play is no where near as Zen as the original Super Mario Bros. What we’re here for today is the atmosphere. In previous Mario games, the art direction has taken a light-hearted approach, using cartoony effects to make the game appealing. Super Mario 64, Galaxy and the like are all filled with adowable little animals as well as the cheerful over-accented voice of their hero.

Aftermath takes this bright history and turns it upside down in an instant. The Mushroom Kingdom, rather than undergoing their biweekly princess loss, has been bombed into virtual (*ahem*) oblivion. There are no enemies, only a hostile landscape that Mario tries to navigate, in order to escape from the crater he has woken up in. Dark music, played out mostly in deep tones, reinforces the murky pixel coloring.

Instead of the typical 5x lives and umpteenth continues that most Mario games have, Aftermath has only checkpoints. You die a lot, falling onto blood-covered spikes and into roaring flames. After swiftly dropping off the screen, you almost instantaneously reappear at the last checkpoint. Life is cheap in the aftermath.


~ by prolixpostoffice on July 10, 2010.

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